Pet Friendly

Proprietors Phil and Christine Hatfield, have a soft spot for all animals, especially cats. In 2014, Phil would sit at his desk each day and watch this tiny little kitten run around outside of the hotel. He would try to convince this adorable little kitten to come inside but had no luck. So for one week, night auditor, Jacin, placed food outside in the parking lot for him and slowly moved it closer to the front door. Christine would sit outside with this adorable kitten as he ate each night. Christine was finally able to bring him inside on September 27th, which is also Christine’s father, Christopher Pavlo’s birthday. Christopher Pavlo had the inspiration to build Inn on the Lakes and the hotel has been in the family since the beginning.

Christine and Phil fell in love with this kitten and decided to name him CP, after Inn on the Lakes visionary, Christopher Pavlo.
CP hangs out with Phil in his office all day long and greets guests as they arrive. Often, you will find CP wandering through the lobby or assisting the front desk agents with greeting our guests. A few of his favorite things are Fiji water, shrimp, and his treats. CP is the heart and soul of Inn on the Lakes and was the inspiration for the Gourmet Room Service Pet Menu offered at Inn on the Lakes.

The staff at Inn on the Lakes want your furry friends to feel right at home. Pamper your pet in one of our pet-friendly rooms closest to our walking trails overlooking Little Lake Jackson and our gorgeous flower gardens. Even the most astute palates will come to enjoy our Gourmet Pet Room Service Menu. Your pet will dine in style from the comfort of your guestroom.

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